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What our customers are saying about using TennisConnect™

"My lesson revenue is up 40% using TennisConnect's online tools that help me promote my programs and events for players to easily find and sign-up!"
Juan Bracho - Juan bracho Tennis Academy - Bellaire, TX

"Incredible increase efficiency with distribution lists & quick email blasts. Our players are thrilled that they no longer get so many phone calls from our pro shop. I think the most important thing that TennisConect has done is the dissemination of information. Once an email blast begins hitting our members computers they immediately begin going to our website powered by TennisConnect and signing up for the event."
Craig Jones & Mark Rearden - Petersburg Racquet Club - Martinez, GA

"I find it very easy to learn and use. It's a no brainer. It's not like you have to learn dreamweaver or html. You don't have to submit the changes to a webhost. Here the big thing is you can do it yourself and change things as needed. If you web page is stagnant it's old news. People get in a habit of going there for the club news and information. I'm getting zero response from newspaper ads I put in about camps, people are responding that they heard about it from the web page on-line which means next year I will completely drop my newspaper advertising b/c people aren't getting their information their anymore, they're getting it all on-line."
Jim McDonald - Hollow Rock Racquet & Swim Club - Durham, NC

"We have been using the mass e-mail portion of TennisConnect (group e-mail) we've taken away our newsletter that we used to send to our members that cost us $2,000 a month and using the group e-mail exclusively as our newsletter. Find it very easy to use, extremely helpful, creating web pages is simple."
Chris Wilton - Norton Pines Athletic Club - Spring Lake, MI

"The web site is better than any brochure I could give anybody, when people are searching on-line it comes up in their search vs. other clubs that don't have a web site. It looks very impressive and does a lot of selling that I don't have to do. It's been a couple years and we've probably had about a 50% increase. Favorite part, for me as the manager, I think it would be helping to manage the courts instead of people calling In and getting in arguments as who called first and such, it's freed me up out of being the referee of this court fight and then the ability to easily communicate with the members."
Keith Wheeler - Orindawoods Tennis Club - Orinda, CA

"Having TennisConnect increases the value of membership to current and potential players. Players love it!  It is easy to use and a major convenience for our members! Every time a new customer comes through the door they are amazed of the opportunity to book courts and private lessons through the website. It is an excellent selling tool for our club! Probably the most helpful tool is the stringing center. It helps with billing our customers properly and accurately. It also makes customers aware when their string jobs have been complete."
Luke Taylor - Paramount Tennis Club - Medina, OH

"You need TennisConnect." It makes you look professional and makes your organization more effective.
Mike Woody - Midland Tennis Center - Midland, MI

"TennisConnect has been a great addition to manage customers and online court reservations for our NC Golfsmith's indoor court. We did our research and TennisConnect has the best technology and features to manage this business."
Sheri Norris - Golfsmith Golf & Tennis

"I can't imagine running my club without my partner TennisConnect."
Billy Power - Texarkana Country Club - Texarkana, AR

The TennisConnect online court reservation system has noticeably increased play at our club."
Jeff English - Riverbend Golf & Country Club - Great Falls, VA

"Such a great tool to keep my players informed of events at our facility."
Carl Hodge - Middle Georgia Tennis Academy & The City of Macon - Macon, GA

"The website makes it very convenient to get a quick message out to our members via our website. I can do this quickly now when not in the office. With our old website I could only make changes from our home computer which was very confining."
Allison Frazier - Riverside Tennis club - Greer, SC

"We signed up 56 juniors this past spring when the best I could have hoped for was 12 last year."
Jon Jacobson - Forest Hill Tennis Club - Ellicot City, MD

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